Top 5 Advantages of a Hosted PBX Phone System

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Selecting the right telephone system for your business may be difficult today with so much technological advancement in the telecommunications industry. However, you definitely need a sophisticated business phone system that is flexible, affordable, and most importantly, has a sufficient number of useful features.

The primary advantage of a cloud PBX phone system –particularly for small and mid-sized businesses– is the avoidance of initial investment and the affordable operational expenses. Flexibility and affordability are, indeed, the two major benefits of a cloud PBX phone system because as your phone calls are handled through the Internet, your customers/clients are freed from wired connections. Call routing is made in the cloud and managed by your internet phone service provider.

cloud pbx phone system, cloud based pbx, hosted pbx phone system

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Because voice data is converted into digital data, long distance calls become affordable. This lets your business operate sans boundaries. Your employees can be in different locations and still remain unified as a team and work cohesively. Most service providers of cloud-based PBX will be willing to offer you a 30-day trial period. So you may test-drive the phone system services offered by a particular company if you are still hesitant about changing to a cloud-based PBX. But remember that, when you do make the switch, be sure to personally check for consistency, flexibility, mobility, and above all, affordability.

It is for risk hedging that many service providers offer “money back guarantees” to merely prove that upgrading your old phone systems to virtual PBX will not be something you would regret. But once you try out some of those remarkable features such as call forwarding, enhanced voicemail, fax over the internet, and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on and how cost-effective the PBX can be to your business. Once you’re done with your trial, you can switch over to cloud-based PBX if you notice the favorable changes in your business communications.

Convenience & Customer Satisfaction

Since a cloud-based PBX is fully capable of managing high traffic volumes, you may take advantage of it by opting for a toll-free phone number which would be a marketing tool to boost sales. A toll-free number can help you project a more consistent image. You can expect more calls than ever since it is free for customers to call.

Once you understand the basic features and positive advantages of a cloud-based PBX, you will appreciate that it will be a great addition to your business and is only going to improve your customer relationship management and enhance your overall productivity.

In this competitive business landscape where companies keep implementing the latest cutting edge technologies, having a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system with a virtual answering service can greatly impact the client/customer relationship of a company in a much positive manner. For businesses that want to improve their communication services with only a little capital to invest, a hosted PBX phone system is the best alternative to a costlier client-owned PBX system. A virtual IP telephone system is much like a standard exchange in your company but differs in that all equipment needed for the system are being hosted by the provider of the system with no need for the client companies to buy or install costly equipment.

The virtual answering services provided by hosted PBX phone systems are aimed at reducing the tedious process of manually attending each and every call coming to client companies. The answering system can automatically handle multiple calls simultaneously without the need of a dedicated telephone operator. The service works by providing callers with pre-recorded information including welcome messages; it can also provide them with interactive telephonic menus for getting information about a service, as well as connect to a particular department in your office by providing extension numbers to clients.

Growing Your Company with a Hosted PBX System

The regular functions available with these hosted PBX phone systems include interconnecting all telephones within client companies along with connecting them to the outside networks. As your company grows, more telephones need to be added, and the associated interconnection process is cost-effective and much easier with these virtual IP systems. Here client companies need not worry about the costly upgrading of these telephone systems as such services are done by the provider.

Since the hosted connection is an ‘always-on’ connection utilizing the medium of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the system is capable of handling calls 24/7. Some of the VoIP phone system providers are also utilizing the backbone of the internet, such as Internet Protocol for providing disaster recovery services in cases where the regular PSTN is temporarily down.

Since a virtual telephone system is shared among many clients, each client company has its own phone services available at much-reduced costs. Now virtual answering services provided by hosted PBX phone systems include features such as auto attendant, voicemail, personal voicemail box, and more. With no setup costs and future maintenance costs involved, a virtual telephone system can help both small and medium companies to have services on the same standards as those offered by Fortune 500 companies. The ultimate benefits include time saving and increased customer friendly image for your company.

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Posted on February 15, 2023