Why 8×8 is the Best Small Business Phone Service

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After carrying out an extensive research and investigation on small business phone services and other VoIP business phone services, we have concluded that 8×8 is the best phone system for smaller businesses, and below are 6 reasons as to you should consider it as your primary VoIP business phone service.

small business phone services, voip phone system, voip business phone service

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Why should you consider 8×8?

8×8 combines an easy-to-use, dependable, and moderate small business VoIP phone system with fantastic customer service

  1. Cost
    The affordable cost is another alluring part of 8×8. Other than its perk of being an exceptional VoIP phone system, you don’t need to buy any equipment to make 8×8 work. The main costs you will have are your monthly service expenses. The company offers two different sorts of service bundles: boundless and metered. The boundless bundle incorporates boundless nearby and long-distance calling, while the metered bundle includes a certain number of calling minutes. Inside both choices, you have a decision between the Virtual Office and the Virtual Office Pro arranges.
    Other than the month to month service charge, you will only pay additional fees if you want a toll number or if you buy IP phones from the company. Plans range from as little as $4.99 every month for 150 minutes to as much as $1,700 every month for 100,000 minutes.
  1. Customer Service
    8×8 offered the absolute best customer service we have ever gotten during our investigation of small business phone services. To gauge the level of bolster offered, we called the company various times acting like another small entrepreneur intrigued by VoIP phone systems. During our first call, we talked with an agent who took all the time expected to answer our inquiries. We had a rundown of inquiries, and we got a clear answer for each question we asked them. He also gave us suggestions on how we ought to assess suppliers during our hunting process and even messaged us a rundown of 13 inquiries he thought would be useful when investigating every service.
  1. Features
    8×8 phone systems incorporate calling and many top-of-the-line features into their system. In dissecting phone systems, we had a tough time attempting to find out a component that 8×8 didn’t offer. One of the features we were really impressed by is the immediate phone number choice. Every augmentation incorporates its own remarkable direct inbound dial telephone number, so customers can call a worker directly as opposed to dialing a primary business line. While the majority of the alternative services offer this feature, they usually charge for it.
    There are additional types of portability features we think small business will like. The 8×8 portable application, which is accessible on iOS and Android gadgets, lets you take advantage of all of the phone system’s features wherever you go.
  1. Limitations
    One limitation we found with 8×8 is that some of the features you may need, for example, having a toll number or multiple lines cost extra. Some of the 8×8 alternatives we have looked into include these features in their overall service cost. Another potential limitation is that 8×8 doesn’t have round-the-clock customer service. Some of 8×8’s competitors have 24/7 customer service.
  1. Reliability
    In general, 8×8 has one of the most noteworthy archived updates — 99.997 present — among all cloud-based VoIP systems. This deciphers into the system being down for just a modest bunch of minutes every year. Generally speaking, the service hasn’t had a noteworthy blackout since 2011 where it was down for only 30 minutes.The company, likewise, works with seven different call transporters to ensure high call quality at all times. Prior to every call, the system chooses the easy way out. Should a transporter go down, the movement is automatically diverted to one of the alternate bearers to guarantee call continuance. We are in awe of the additional strides 8X8 makes to safeguard its continuous service.
  1. Convenience
    Since 8×8 is a cloud-based VoIP phone system, it doesn’t require any complex PBX equipment. All that is required is fast Internet access and IP phones. Everything within the system is easy to set up, easy to use, and very convenient. The gateway permits you to oversee charging, run call log reports, and get help if required.

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Posted on October 19, 2016