Shingles Pain Relief

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Shingles can be described as a viral infection that has an effect on the neural system. Shingles nerve pain is usually excruciating, and the worst thing about shingles treatments is that a number of individuals keep experiencing signs and symptoms for a long time even after the virus has been cleared out of the system. So here are some shingles pain treatment tips without the need for prescriptions. 

1. Ice

Putting an ice pack on the area of where you’re experiencing pain can make things much easier on you. This type of remedy is best suited when the area where the pain is originating from seems hot.

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness-relaxation techniques don’t ease the soreness of shingles, so it is not necessarily a shingles pain treatment. However, it does help people manage the pain a lot more easily. Those who practice this method have been to be able to deal with shingles nerve pain a lot better than many other individuals. Any relaxation method might help alleviate soreness simply because due to the fact that if our body is tense, the pain will get worse. Relaxation methods on a regular basis also help your body handle illnesses better in general.

3. Practice Tai-Chi

Research shows that Tai-Chi can really help the immune system be more effective in fighting off infections such as shingles.

4. Do not irritate the sore

No matter what, do not pop shingles sores as this will make the pain a lot worse. If you open up the blister, you will increase the chances of an infection. 

5. Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar massaged onto skin has proven to relieve the itchiness associated with shingles.

6. Vitamins

Make sure that you are taking in enough vitamin C and E through your diet because a lack of these two can make the symptoms of shingles more dangerous. Vitamin B12 is also essential for your neural system health, and you should ensure that you have just enough of it in your diet.

7. Cayenne Pepper

This natural remedy helps in minimizing pain that is the usual complaint of people infected with shingles. Cayenne pepper as a shingles treatment merely entails rubbing the most affected areas. Cayenne pepper is known for its cooling components that are sure to provide some immediate relief from the itchiness in the shingles lesions.

8. Oatmeal

This staple food for breakfast is known for reducing skin irritation caused by shingles. Oatmeal is one of the most effective shingles treatments that works when combined with water and applied directly to the areas with lesions. This is said to reduce the burning sensation felt by shingles patients. 

9. Preventative care

This is probably one of the most important aspects of shingles treatments. Contracting shingles could easily be avoided if you have a very stable immune system. What is the best way to have a healthy and strong immune system? It’s adamantly practicing a healthy lifestyle. While this is common knowledge at this point, most people still find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep at night.

10. Medical care

Resorting to prescription meds is not a bad thing, especially in the more advanced stages of shingles. But keep in mind that going all natural is better since it will not harm your body with artificial and chemical components.

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Posted on April 23, 2018